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Appearance Attorney On Call assists in providing legal representation to other attorneys of record in both civil and criminal matters.

This includes the following areas

  •  Civil Case Management Conferences, OSC’s, Motions, Post Mediation Hearing, Family Law, MSC’s, Final Status Conferences

  •  Civil depositions, Debtors Examinations, prove-up default trials,

  •  Civil Trials

  •  Criminal arraignments, bail hearings, pretrial hearings, both in custody and out of custody cases

  •  Criminal Preliminary Hearings & Trials

  •  Bankruptcy Hearings

  •  Workers’ Compensation Status Conferences, MSC, and Trials

  •  DMV hearings, and other administrative hearings and trials

  •  Federal appearances

  • Immigration & Deportation Hearings

We appear in all the  Northern California courts and if you have a matter in a court we do not service yet, we will make every effort to find an attorney to handle your matter.  If you need an appearance attorney, then you have the right website.  Simply Click the above buttons to get started !